Burda Style UK PDF patterns

So I took advantage of Burda Style UK’s BOGOF offer on their PDF patterns recently. I bought 2 dress patterns, both I’m pretty excited about. For the first one, “Burda style magazine 01/2010 Dress #10”, I bought some black fabric for at the market – pretty boring but I’m starting plain.

Burda style magazine 01/2010 Dress #10




For the second pattern, I chose “04/2011 Long dress with side slits #116” and I bought the perfect fabric at the market for £1 a metre! Now I bought 3, as they come in metre panels, but I want to have a go at making this dress soon because if it goes wrong (chances are it will) I want to be able to get some more before they sell out. 

04/2011 Long dress with side slits #116



The problem is, how do you get the instructions for these patterns?! I get that you print off the pdfs and tape them together, but there are no instructions on how to sew it….. Anyone used Burda Style UK patterns before? They must be somewhere? If I have to guess I’ll end up buying the whole roll of fabric!



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