Soft cotton suitable for baby bedding… help?!

I’ve been asked for a favour. My mother in law has bought a lovely baby travel cot for her new granddaughter and needs a pink cot quilt. She has a neutral colour one that she likes the shape of, but wants to make the cot more girly for when baby comes to stay next month!

I need to get my hands on a fleece material, but more importantly, a soft pink patterned cotton. I had some pink gingham cotton left over from my window blind that I thought would be perfect, but it feels a bit rough, not something you want for a baby. 

Can anyone recommend a good supplier of this type of fabric in London? It would be great if I can buy online and trust the quality will be what I want. If not I need to squeeze in a trip to Walthamstow!




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4 responses to “Soft cotton suitable for baby bedding… help?!

  1. What about a brushed cotton/flannel fabric? Its lovely and soft for little ones. I’ve got a load of squares of Robert Kaufman flannel to patchwork together for my baby nephew (the ones I have aren’t very pink or girly, but the quality feels very good, and I’m sure they’ll do other prints) When it’s done I’m going to back it with some ‘minky’ fleece which the fabric seller cleverly sent me a little sample of, obviously knowing I’d be hooked once I’d felt how soft it was!

  2. Ceri

    I’ve got some brushed cotton (again in a very boyish navy!) from Fabrics Galore in Clapham Junction. You can order online but their site isn’t the easiest to navigate. They’ve always been super helpful when I’ve gone in, so you could give them a ring and see if they’ve got any in stock…or of course venture to this side of the river! 🙂 x

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