The curse of the curl

My new year’s resolution has already gone to pot. I was supposed to be sewing more…  I started January by working on 2 new jersey dresses, I hit a wall with both and put them away and avoid looking at my machine for the past 3 weeks!

But this rainy Sunday has got them out the cupboard. The stretchy fabric in this project is proving difficult to work with… I should have checked out the curl before I cut out all of my pattern.  This is what happened to my sleeves!


I thought if I tried overlocking and stitching the edge down it might look better. But no luck. This isn’t the look I was going for.

Luckily I have (just) enough spare fabric to place the pattern piece on the other direction on the fabric and cut out the sleeves again.


Looking slightly better but how I’m going to control he curl on the hem, I don’t know – any suggestions?

2014-01-26 22.56.49


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