Sewing with stretch: Attempt 2

I’ve seen a lot of posts this past week from sewing bloggers reviewing their 2013 makes, highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly and sharing their new year resolutions with the world. This is easy for me. This year I haven’t made enough for such a list, which leaves me with one resolution: Sew more!

After my Christmas dress success I want to use this same pattern and my last few days off work making a couple of dresses to introduce to my January wardrobe. I’ve started with a very stretchy fabric I bought at New Fabric Shop in Walthamstow… I think this would be called an Interlock knit?

Bought for a mere £1 a meter I should have bought a lot more. This fabric came folded in half and on a bolt. Try as I might I can’t get the marks of the edges out of the fabric:


I cut open the fabric on the worst edge to open flat, but I haven’t got enough to miss out the second line altogether. I’m hoping with this type of fabric pattern it won’t be too noticeable?! I’ve also realised I don’t have enough for full sleeves so I’ll be adapting the look to include short ones instead. And one other challenge so far… How to work with these rolling edges?!




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2 responses to “Sewing with stretch: Attempt 2

  1. Sew with tissue paper – for stability and rip out later. Also add 1/4 inch stetch sewing elastic at pressure point seams like shoulders. I highly recommend ‘sewing with knits’ craftsy class with Meg McElwee! You will have so many knit wardrobe stables. Looking forward to seeing your dress. I am attempting a thin jersey cowl top outta similar fabric. Wish me luck! I think there will be lots of swearing.

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