A Fabric Footstool

Whilst I haven’t been blogging, I have been sewing. I finished my version of the New Look 6050, finally got round to making Tilly’s Mathilde blouse (unexpectedly met Tilly herself… became star-struck), experienced sewing with jersey for the first time, on my new overlocker (love, love, love this birthday present. Thank you, Tom). But right now, I’m sharing a make that didn’t involve sewing. But it does involve fabric, so it kinda counts…

I’ve wanted a big footstool / tablestool for our living room for a long time but I couldn’t find one that I liked in our price range.  So I decided I would make one! I roped my Dad into helping me with the wooden base, and he did a great job with some legs I bought on ebay. He created the exact size I  was after.

I spent some time staining the legs with some varnish and fixed a piece of foam to the top with some adhesive spray. I covered it with a layer of wadding. And then it stayed like that. For a long time! It was ugly in our living room, but we sort of got used to it.

footstool 1

I was waiting to find the right fabric, and then I spotted a grey/yellow roll in The New Fabric shop in Walthamstow market which was great for my colour scheme for the room. So I set to work… and it started to look like this:

footstool 3

And then the project stalled again! This fabric has a bit of a stretch to it. Which meant if anyone sat on it or put their feet on it, it started going baggy. And that wasn’t the look I was going for.

So a few weeks later I went to Ray Stitch in Islington and found some gorgeous cotton fabric. I cut it out with about an inch to turn on each edge for a nice finish. Me and Tom fixed it down over the skin wadding using tacks and finished it with a nail/stud strip that I bought from ebay. This was so easy to add and creates a really nice finish!

footstool 5

I got some great guidance from J A Milton’s video and I’m really happy with the result! Its exactly what I was after.

final footstool


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