What happens when you don’t make a muslin…

Well whaddya know… the dress doesn’t fit! That is what you get for not making a muslin. In one way I’m lucky though, it’s on the big side so it is a matter of taking the dress in, but I have my usual dilemma of deciding where to take it in from.


Putting it on after basting the zip, it was clear that although the bottom half fit, waist upwards has too much give. I haven’t sewn it all up yet, it’s currently still sleeveless and I haven’t added the neck facing, so before I make any changes I will baste these as they’ll change the fit of the dress.

PicMonkey Collage2

 I think it fits better once a few cms of fabric are pinched in on each side. If I hadn’t already sewn in my waistband I would  take the extra material from the pleats and the back darts or the side seams. But the waistband is sewn,  seams layered and I have even gone so far to “stitch in the ditch” (I hate doing this by the way – does anyone else?) and I really don’t want to undo it. So I will attempt to take this material from the centre back…. wish me luck!


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