A rediscovered project: Simpliciy 2360

The Little Room of Sewing is back in action! The fishing gear has been removed (sorry Tom, you’re not having my sewing room) and my machines have been dusted down. Just looking at my fabric stash got me excited about the possibilities of what I could be making.

Starting off easy. I don’t know about you but I have a bundle of half finished projects. Or projects that I didn’t like when they were finished.  The Project Runway Simpliciy 2360 pattern, one of my first ever makes, has been picked from the pile to become the work dress it was destined to be!

I remember I took a long time with sewing this dress, and I gave up because I sewed the sleeves on the wrong way! But I dug it out the pile to try it on and see if it fitted, and I don’t think its too bad if I do say so myself.


 There are a few things that need fixing on the dress.

1. The frilly sleeves are sewn on the wrong way! When re sew them, I might take them in by 2cm so they are less frill. What do people think? I’m undecided.

2. I have a gap on either side seam where bodice meets skirt. I don’t know why, I must have wanted to make some change here. Ah well, I’m just going to sew them back up!

3. Its a little tight around the neck line and bust. I was considering changing the neckline to try and solve this but I think I might just open up the back a little (cut a v shape in the fabric and  sew a button to do at the top?). If anyone has seen a blog post/tutorial on how to add this type of adjustment to a pattern I would love to hear.

And then I think I will have a perfect work dress!



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3 responses to “A rediscovered project: Simpliciy 2360

  1. Woo Hoo, sewing room back in action!! Congrats. And, I love this dress. The fabric looks so lush and has a nice sheen to it. I love the frills, although am not sure what you mean by sewn on the wrong way. How were they supposed to be sewn on? To me, they look just right. I wouldn’t de-frill them any more since now they look like cute cap sleeves. Any smaller, they’d look more like just a frill. Can you just narrow the side seams around the bust and neck at the back? This would be really easy and give you more room.

  2. It does have a lovely sheen to it – and it doesn’t go static. Bonus! I’ve sewn the frills on the opposite sides, you can’t see in the pictures by at the shoulders the wrong side of the seam is on top and should be hidden underneath. Doh. And I’m now with you on the frill size. When I put it on I thought “too much frill” and when I showed Tom he said “too much frill”, but the frill is there for a reason, no?! I will embrace the frill. The neck I’m not so sure… the facing at the back keeps poking out so I need to rework it. I’m a bit scared of cutting into it though!

  3. This is adorable and Im sure will get you many compliments that will have you itching to defend the room from further assaults !

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