Summer make #2: The real thing


Ta-da! The finished-ish dress.

My last post introduced the toile of my Cynthia Rowley pattern. I told you how I had to make the bodice a bit bigger so I could breathe? Well I just added 0.5cm to each side seam which was an easy adjustment because I just had to remember to sew a 1cm seam allowance and not 1.5 as per usual for the bodice, lining and interlining. I had to repeat it to myself A LOT to remember, but success! I did it and it fits a lot better.
This version also has the Sewaholic Cambie skirt rather than the original gathered skirt and I like it a lot. I decided to leave the pockets out of this version. I also lined the skirt so this fabric doesn’t become static and stick to my legs but this has happened in the bottom picture (more pressing needed?!)
Overall I’m pleased, but I’ve come across that problem again. The zip looks all kinds of crinkled?? Sew Busy Lizzy left me a comment on a previous make suggesting using strips of silk organza to interface the seam. Anyone done this before? How do I do it? Sew Busy Lizzy, are you there?! I need some guidance. I wonder if this problem might be caused by me sewing the zip one to seam allowance and then sewing it properly with the zipper foot… Would that cause a crinkle? It must be something I’m doing because this is turning into a regular occurrence, and it’s putting me off wearing these outside.
I also need to sew the straps down, add a hook and eye to the top and work on the bodice -it looks baggy here but it needs to be pulled down a bit (the lining is fine, just the main fabric )
Anyway, my next make is not including a zip. I’m trying a shirred summer dress. Two rectangles,  two straps and shirring elastic. What could go wrong? I’ll let you know…


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6 responses to “Summer make #2: The real thing

  1. Oh, I think it looks really pretty!

  2. Hi! There is a Threads tutorial here which might help…
    and I think Gertie’s book shoes show to do it too, I just don’t have it with me to check.
    Craftsy has a free zipper class by Sunni which might help as well.
    I love the colour of this dress, lovely!

    • Thank you! I have some fusible interfacing to hand so I think I’m going to try this. I’ll check out Craftsy too – I’ve not done any of their online classes but I keep hearing about them. Thank you for your help 🙂

  3. Just a lovely summer dress, nice job!! Glad you can now breathe, as well. Probably a pertinent thing that a dress allow you to do, lol.

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