Summer make #2: Cynthia Rowley 2250

I’m onto the summer makes because my holiday is coming up very soon. Exciting! And I want to make some dresses to show off the tan once I finally get one. You might remember my blue flowery Sewaholic Cambie? That’s still waiting to get out of the wardrobe.

This week I decided to have a go at the Simplicity Cynthia Rowley 2250. It’s been in my pattern stash for a while now and it’s time to give it a go! I’m going to went for view D, minus the wing things at the back.


I wanted to make a toile of this pattern because it looks complicated and I don’t want to go messing up my fabric, and because I wanted to test the fit. On my Cambie I cut out a 12 pattern, and had plenty of room to move and lots of alterations to make, so I was brave and went for a size 10 in this pattern. I chose a method I haven’t used before, and instead of cutting out my size from the pattern (and risk wishing I could stick the next size back on) or tracing out all the pieces (there are a LOT of pieces in this pattern) for those that I could, I cut out the largest size and folded the pieces down to a size 10. And it worked well. For the more complex pieces I did trace them, and I do prefer doing that because the pieces are a lot sturdier. But in this case I wanted to get on with it and tracing all of them was too time consuming for me!

I’m glad I made up the toile. All those darts confused me! Although the pattern instructions are very thorough, I did end up with a bit of unpicking on my hands. But live and learn.

It was also a little snug. Not too bad, but letting out the side seams 0.5 cm each side meant I could breath when sitting down. Which is always a bonus.

But the skirt… well the skirt just wasn’t very me. I don’t think gathered skirts suit me very much and this dress was no exception. My hips and bum really don’t need to be made to look any bigger, so for the real deal I’ve decided to switch this skirt with the Cambie skirt, and take out the pockets. It feels a bit naughty changing the pattern, but that’s what it’s all about, right? Mix and match to make something that you actually want?

So now to start on the real thing…




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10 responses to “Summer make #2: Cynthia Rowley 2250

  1. Ooh, I think the toile looks really nice. And a great fit too! Good luck with the real thing!

  2. vjstracener

    It looks great.

  3. Looking like it’s fitting really well!

  4. Love the look of this. I’ve been scared off all those darts but now I’m kinda tempted

  5. sandalisandals

    Love your work! (:

    Check us out:

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