Sophie, it’s your dress!

v2sophSewing mania over and Sophie’s dress is (nearly) ready for the suitcase. Just the sleeves to sew down when I get home tonight. The Cambie pattern is being put in the drawer for a little while now… time to move onto other projects that I’m VERY excited about.

I have about 8 to choose from and the big decider in what to tackle is the colour thread that’s in my overlocker… Does that make me sound really lazy? Is anyone else like that? The thought of changing it really makes me fearful. There have been tears and tantrums over this innocent looking machine.


Anyone else intimidated by their overlocker?

So what needs white overlocking? This has been sitting half sewn in my stash since last summer. I’ve unpicked it and I’m starting again. The problem is I’m doing a lot of looking at it and not a lot of sewing. I’m putting off ruining the fabric which is silly – it wasn’t expensive, it’s sat there unused, and I want it sewn for my summer holiday. I don’t have a pattern, but I have a sewing machine and the elastic. And a threaded overlocker… JUST DO IT! By next blog post I WILL have made progress. And if I don’t mention it for a while, give me a nudge will you?

Top of the to-do list




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4 responses to “Sophie, it’s your dress!

  1. I used to be terrified of my overlocker. It was a Janome & very hard to thread. Then it blew up. I was relieved.
    I got a Brother overlocker and it’s been so much easier to use. And easier to thread.
    Some people retread their machines by cutting off the old threads near the cone and knitting the end of the new thread onto the old thread, then carefully running it through the machine. Stop when you get to the needles and manually thread,

    • I’ve heard of tying the new threads to the old threads – but not the part where you stop and manually thread the needles…. this is where I was going wrong! My over locker came from eBay. I bought it off of a really old guy whose wife had passed away and had obviously looked after it very well. Once it was cleaned up its worked like a gem. It’s getting old, but I can’t part with it just yet!

  2. Sophie’s Cambie looks lovely. I’ve started work on mine, planning to finish it when I get back home from skiing in time for my friend’s wedding next Friday. The fabric for you top-of-the-to-do-list project looks really gorgeous, can’t wait to see it!

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