Cambie mania and a self drafted skirt

Hello! I’ve been pretty silent on here for a while, and that’s because I’ve been SO busy sewing! I can’t tell you how much I’ve been doing. But ok, I’ll try.

I finished the Cambie dress, and I was very proud of myself – thanks for your nice comments. A good friend of mine also saw the post and asked if she could have one for herself. So project number 1 was Sophie’s Cambie dress.

Did I get over ambitious after I made one, yes, one wearable item? Maybe. But that didn’t stop me agreeing to do it. And it hasn’t been without it’s difficulties. The main one being that Sophie no longer lives round the corner, easy to pop in and poke her with pins for fitting. She lives in Scotland! A whole 400 miles away. Added pressure is that its for a wedding, in April, so I’ve agreed to do it on the condition that she has a back up dress. I don’t sew well under pressure! The good news is that in her jam packed visit to London last weekend I managed to get her to try on the toile and make some minor adjustments. Toile v1 is now in the post on it’s way and if it all fits the real version will be whipped up and put in my suitcase when I go to visit her at the end of the month. Wish me luck!

And when I said I wish I could just keep sewing my favourite pattern from the Sewaholic range, I wasn’t kidding. Because the blue dress is pretty summery I wanted to make a version I could wear now. And so here is the work version:


I had to make some adjustments to the skirt on this dress. The fabric I chose didn’t have the same movement as the previous, so I had to take it in about an inch on each side. This made the waistband pucker slightly but hopefully not too noticeable. The thing that annoys me with this is the zip – it looks puckered but I dont know why! Answers welcome. And sorry for the bad quality pictures – a new camera is on order…

Manic sewing over, Friday night was supposed to be a chill out night. Bottle of wine, Comic Relief on the TV, time to RELAX! But my mind began to whir. Does anyone else find that once you start to understand the construction of clothes anything seems possible? This is what I love about learning to sew. But it’s also meant that I can’t go shopping without that voice in my head saying “I could make that”. I leave empty handed but with something else added to my sewing to-do list. Friday evening I’d tried on a skirt on my way home that was perfect fit and shape, but too short. But I loved the shape. So, I decided to make it. Wine was put to the side and pattern making commenced. Here’s a sneak peak of how it turned out:

skirt flowers

My first self drafted skirt

I’m pleased with it so far. The lining still needs to be added so more to come on this later.

Happy sewing!



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8 responses to “Cambie mania and a self drafted skirt

  1. I’m not sure what sort of fabric your Cambie is made from big when I asked on twitter people suggested interfacing the zipper seam or using silk organizes, apparently this helps with the puckering.
    Great skirt too BTW

    • Ooh I’ve not heard of interfacing the zipper seam. I read pressing the zip first either side of the teeth helps with sewing invisible zips but I’m too worried I’ll melt them!

      • Personally I think ironing the teeth is a bad idea and I just roll mine over with my fingertips a few times and the invisible zipper foot takes care of the rest. Strips of silk organza are good to interface the seam. Good luck!

  2. I love your Cambie dress. I had not heard of it before, and quite like this pattern! And, congratulations on drafting your own skirt, well done!

  3. Well I think the Cambie looks great. I don’t have the confidence (yet) to see for others and I always think its great when others do 🙂 also I love the skirt. It looks a bit like the Hollyburn!

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