Horrah! A wearable dress! The finished Sewaholic Cambie.

At last. Hours slaving over a dress and this time it’s wearable outside the house. The difference? This time I made a toile, and I fitted it. I made a second toile, and I fitted it. And by the time I made the real thing I knew what I was doing – and it fit!

blue dress 1
The Finished Sewaholic Cambie Dress

blue dress 2

Now I know I said this dress is wearable outside, and so you might rightly wonder why these pictures are taken in my living room. The truth is, I’m sewing early for summer and it is still waaaay to cold to step outside without being covered from head to toe (can you tell by my hideously white legs!?). But I’m really pleased with the end result and can’t wait for the sun to come out so I can wear it out!

I learnt 2 major things with sewing this dress.

1. If you are a novice sewer like myself, a toile is worthwhile doing. It may take longer, it might seem boring, but as well as you being able to make adjustments before cutting into your lovely fabric, you can also mess the sewing up and it not matter. In my second toile I added the skirt pockets and the pattern instructions fuddled my mind. There was a bit of sewing and serging and unpicking and pondering – but it didn’t matter. And it meant I got it right first time on the real dress.

2. Patterned fabric is a godsend! I’ve tried my best to avoid patterned fabric in the past – the idea of cutting and matching pieces makes me wary. But it hides any imperfections so much better than a plain fabric (not that there are any imperfections on this dress of course… ahem).

So time for the next project. Perhaps I can just make another one of these!?



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10 responses to “Horrah! A wearable dress! The finished Sewaholic Cambie.

  1. What a gorgeous Cambie! I agree, prints are amazing for hiding my sewing woes!

  2. Gorgeous! The first time I made a Cambie I made the other view straight away!

  3. The final dress is adorable. Maybe with some thick tights and a sweater you won’t have to wait until spring to wear it?

  4. Great job! Love your dress. Just found your blog over on SewBusyLizzie’s blog and thought I’d pop on over. Am following you now to see what else you come up with. 🙂 I love patterned fabrics as well, but have, so far, stuck with non-directional patterns. It’s the strips and plaids and checks that become ‘scary’ as you have to line them up or it won’t look right.

    • Hi! Thanks for coming over. I’ve renewed my fabric stash and just ordered a bunch more patterns so looking forward to posting some of these up soon. Your technique page is great – I’ll be coming back to that 🙂 And I know what you mean about the stripes and plaids – I’m not that brave yet!

  5. Wow, super cute! I love the fabric you paired with it!

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