The Cambie dress stage 2

So I realise “Day 1 of alterations” was a long time ago…. 11 days to be exact. There has been work on the fit of this dress in between, I just haven’t taken time to write about it. My toile went from looking like a shapeless sheet to a voodoo doll. After lots of pulling, pinning, tucking and googling, I ended up with this:

 toile 1      toile 2

The Toile #1

me in toile

Once I was pleased with the fit I transfered the changes I’d made onto the paper pattern. I copied the pattern first, which I’m so glad I did because there were lots of changes going back and forth. Years ago I did a pattern making course, and slowly what I had learnt started coming back to me! Like how you can remove a dart by opening out another.

Once I’d made all the changes I created toile #2 to make sure my alterations had transferred successfully to the pattern pieces. It’s all gone well apart from…

– My darts dont quite meet up. I could change them, or I could hope no one notices in patterned fabric!?
– Instead of taking fabric out of side seams of the skirt, I took it out of the centre back on the pattern piece because I was being lazy. I think this might have had an effect on how it fits. The skirt sways to the front and is too tight on my bum. So I’m going to put this change back in and maybe grade out the side seams a bit. I think that should solve it?!

IMAG0768 v2 back v2 side 2
You see how the front sways out?

So next step is to make some more changes to the pattern pieces, and then I’ll make it up in my lovely new bargain fabric from Walthamstow market (more to come on this new stash later…)




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2 responses to “The Cambie dress stage 2

  1. This looks amazing! I am sure your final project will look amazing!

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