Day 1 of alterations.

I woke up this morning with a new pair of eyes. I looked around at the flat and thought.. Ew, when did it get so gross in here? After work theres no time for cleaning, weekends are filled with sewing project wish lists and cleaning the flat…? That can wait, can’t it?

Well today I was faced with two choices. Work on the Cambie dress, or give the place a deep clean. And do the food shopping. And see the family. And fix the car (well try my best).  So sewing took a back seat and I’ve only just had a quick go at fitting the calico version of the dress. Thank you Purple pin cushion for the suggestion of safety pins! A very good idea but could I find safety pins anywhere? Even after a tidy they were no where to be found. So normal pins it is until tomorrow.
So far I’ve taken in the darts and raised the waist (I think this really should be done first on the pattern but I’ve had a go on the toile to see if it sits right. I’m at a bit of a loss with the back. The neckline gapes, and the arm hole is too big. I’m thinking of making the dart bigger and longer? Or changing the dart to a tuck from the neckline to the waist? I need to get some more calico!
Sunday evening’s plans call so I have to put the pins down. Lets hope I don’t forget what I was doing by the time I get to come back to it.. And fingers crossed it fits.

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