A toile is all well and good if you know what to do with it…

If you read my post yesterday you would have read that today’s job was making a toile off the Sewaholic Cambie dress. My sewing day got halved, as usual, life happens! But this afternoon I cut out my calico and started sewing.

A couple of hours later and the toile is complete! Although I crossed my fingers and toes, not surprisingly, it doesn’t fit!! The good news… It’s way too big so plenty of room for alterations. The bad news…. Where do I start?! It’s easy to pinch a bunch of fabric in and say ta-da! It fits! But we all know that’s not the proper way, and my dress would look like a monstrosity with seams all over the place.

So any tips for modifying a toile by yourself? The painful process of getting in and out of a dress whilst trying to avoid being stabbed by pins doesn’t sound like a Saturday night job to me. The wine in the fridge is calling! But I can’t let this be another dress that never gets finished. Tomorrow… I’ll battle the toile.




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3 responses to “A toile is all well and good if you know what to do with it…

  1. Safety pins. I always mark alterations with safety pins 🙂 Start with the shoulders then move to the sides.

  2. It depends on where the dress is loose. I agree that safety pins are a good idea. In terms of how to adjust the pattern pieces it depends on the fit! My city library is bursting with books on the subject – perhaps start there?

  3. Thanks ladies! Safety pins are definitely a good shout. The dress is gaping at the back neckline and round the armhole. I found this post (http://bernieandi.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/pattern-alterations-how-to-remove-gaping-or-excess-fabric-from-neckline-of-a-fitted-dress/) from bernie and i which had a good example of how to remove excess fabric so I’ll give it a go.
    P.S Anyone know how to insert a hyperlink into a comment?!

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