A Sunday afternoon project: The ‘bill’ board

If you’re anything like me, you’ll sift throught the post in the morning (or after a long day at work), open what you think looks important, make a mental note of “I need to action that”, add it to the pile of papers on the side and forget about it until that niggling feeling of not doing something comes to you. Typically it will suddenly dawn on me that “Oh gawd, I didn’t post that cheque”, or our most recent experience, Tom: “When did the house insurance run out?” Me “Ummm… 26th-ish?”, Tom: “What’s the date today?”, Me: “Oh, the 26th…Damn.”

So to fix this, and try to make our personal admin slightly more organised, Sunday afternoon saw the making of what’s now called the ‘bill’ board. Next to the regular stash of letters, our kitchen wall has a nice empty space that I decided to use. I popped down to the local Hobby Craft, picked up a blank canvas and some cute material, grabbed the staple gun and some elastic I had in the drawer and set to work.


Step 1: Measure out your material

Place your canvas face down onto the wrong side of the material. Measure from your selvedge to the edge of the canvas to make sure any pattern will be straight. You need to leave enough material around the edge of the canvas to be able to turn the edge before stapling it to the canvas back.


Step 2: Staple
Once the material has been cut, start with the bottom edge. Fold the raw edge over, and then staple this folded neat edge to the canvas. Start in the middle of the canvas edge and work your way to the side edges, spacing the staples out.


Step 3: The corner
At the corner, you want to pinch the 2 edges of the fabric, turn it on itself to make a neat corner and staple into place.

pic2    pic 3    pic 4

Step 4: Repeat for all sides and corners.
Trim the corners to make it neater, and it should look something like this!

pic 5

Step 5: Add the elastic.
Using the staple gun, fix the elastic to the back of the canvas. I thought that I would measure it out, use my Maths skills and do it properly, but in the end I went with what looked best. I’ve measured it after incase you want a guide, (this is for an 18 x 14 inch canvas), but really go with what you think. The blue rectangles are where I stapled the elastic to the back of the canvas, and the thin blue lines are where they matched up on the other side. Just make sure that you pull your elastic tight enough before you staple it!

pic 6

And that’s it!
Hang your board on the wall (preferably with a hook rather than a hand…)

board 2


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