A new year brings a whole new list of projects

As the Christmas sewing has come to an end, it’s time to start working on the new projects I’ve had waiting in the pipeline. First up, the Sewaholic Minoru Jacket.

Sewaholic pattern

I’ve had this pattern for a while now and have been waiting for the right time to have a go. Then Karen at ‘Did you make that?’ rated this jacket as the Undoubted star of 2012, and I knew that with a clean and tidy sewing room, it was time to start.

A trip to Walthamstow Market on Saturday to visit ‘The Man Outside Sainsburys’, who is well known for his fantastic fabrics, was the first step towards having this wonderful spring jacket. This guy is lovely. I’m a bit of a novice at picking the right fabrics for my projects, I tend to go for the fabric pattern I like and hope for the best. But for this one I took my pattern with me and trusted him to point me in the in the right direction. He showed me 4 or 5 choices and I went with a dark navy water resistant number. For £5 a meter I was really pleased, and headed down the market to The New Fabric shop and picked up this lining for just £1 a meter. Bargain!

Lining fabric

I must admit, I’m not a fan of the cutting out process (is anyone?). But armed with a glass of wine I managed to cut out the pattern, cut out the fabric, and make a start all before Sunday evening. So far I found the instructions for this pattern really straightforward, but where I did get a little confused a quick Google search led me to this page, where the pattern creator, Tasia, has put together a fantastic sew-a-long. My jacket has started to take shape now and I can’t wait to have it finished! Here it is in it’s current state… (I would love to hear from you if you’ve made this jacket too!)

jacket phase 1

Other projects in the pipeline?

  1. Cover the window seat that has had fabric draped over it ever since we moved in! I must order that foam…
  2. Create a footstool for the living room. I found a fantastic video at J A Milton’s website which shows you how to build one from scratch – I really have to do this before the new sofas arrive!
  3. Finish my pinafore dress that has been hanging around the little room of sewing for months – I picked up a pattern on eBay and the first attempt was waaay too big. I spent ages resizing the pattern but still haven’t sewn the new version together. Maybe it’s the dread that this one might not fit either?!

These are just a few projects on a very long wish list… if only I had more time!



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2 responses to “A new year brings a whole new list of projects

  1. i really wish i had a “man outside sainsburys”!
    your coat is looking great. hopefully i’ll have the courage to tackle a minoru soon.

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