For the little boy who hates wrapping paper

My 2 and a half year old nephew hates wrapping paper. Not just hates, but hates it with a passion. I remember loving unwrapping presents at Christmas, more than the present itself sometimes. The excitement, expectation, noise, feeling of tearing it off as fast as you can, to find what’s hidden inside. To me it’s a fond memory of Christmas.

But not for Ryan, he’s petrified of the stuff. So I made him a little Santa sack for his pressies instead. I used red felt, cut to the size that I wanted (big enough to fit the presents, but not too big so it looks empty). I cut out his name in green felt and used the machine to secure them letters. I hand sewed some Christmas characters to cheer it up and finished with some white fur along the top for a Christmas stocking feel.


You can make it feel a bit more sturdy by cutting a corner out of the fabric in the bottom corners. After you’ve sewn the 2sides together, sew the bottom edge up to these cut out corners, then match this bottom seam to the side seams andsew straight across, almost like your making a triangle.

Hope he likes it (and the presents!)


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