Presents for the little ones

I have a 2 adorable little cousins, but always find it hard buying their Christmas presents because I never know what they’re into! What’s the toy craze this year? I have no idea.

So this Christmas I’ve moved away from the figurines and story books. I’ve taken the arts and craft option. They’ve each got an arty gift that I bought from a shop in Brighton. One will be colouring in dinosaur boards, and the other will be painting a tarantula – fun!

To go with this I wanted to make them their own unique gift, so I put together these stockings, each with their name sewn on and a wooden decoration from The Range that I sprayed with glitter. They are the perfect size for a Lindt santa chocolate too!



And even better – my new labels fit snug.

label in stocking

I think they look lovely on the tree. And hopefully a present they’ll keep for many Christmases to come.



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