Homemade Christmas gift #1

It’s not just Christmas decorations that are being made in the Little Room, this year Christmas gifts are also having the homemade touch.

I picked up Cath kithdson’s latest supplements in The Telegraph and there was a great pattern for a cosmetic bag. This was easy to make, and inexpensive, meaning you can fill it with all lovely things!


I changed the pattern slightly, sewing the lining differently meant after topstitching it the bag looked a lot neater and better made. I also made the bag a bit shorter. I tested a few different versions with interfacing and wadding, but this one turned out the best and was a birthday gift for my friend Sarah, who loved it!


So all you need for this is some pretty cotton fabric (this was £5 in Goldhawk Road, but I’ve also seen it for the same price in the new shop in Walthamstow market), lining – I chose to use a white shower curtain that I bought for next to nothing in Argos (it also means that it easy to clean).  A 40cm zip – 25p down the market and some wadding/interfacing if you choose.

If anyone wants the adapted pattern let me know – I’ll try to make some step by step instructions when I make the christmas gift versions!



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